Polly is developed by a team of students supported by different universities.


Raghesh Aloor

Raghesh works on OpenMP code generation. He is funded as Google Summer of Code Student 2011.

Johannes Doerfert

Johannes works on Polly as part of his PhD research at Saarland University in Germany.

Tobias Grosser

Tobias is one of the two Co-founders of Polly. He designed the overall architecture and contributed to almost every part of Polly. Polly was started during his diploma studies at University of Passau. Furthermore, he spent 6 months at Ohio State University (funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation through awards 0811781 and 0926688). From August 2011 he works on Polly, during his PhD with INRIA/UMPC/ENS (funded through a Google Europe Fellowship in Efficient Computing).


Andreas Simbürger

Andreas works on the profiling infrastructure during his PhD at University of Passau.


Hongbin Zheng

Hongbin Zheng is one of the two Co-founders of Polly. He was funded as a Google Summer of Code Student 2010 and implemented parts of the Polly frontends as well as the automake/cmake infrastructure.


Polly is supported by the following Universities.